my vsx521k keeps shutting down during playback with error mssg saying overheat. it does this when the music is


Dec 29, 2016
I have w accusound 120watt rear tower speakers with accusound powered subwoofer and 2 pioneer front speakers connected to my vsx521k avr and when i playback music from my pc and the volume is near 55 on the amps di, it constantly shuts down and turns itself off. I think the onscreendisplay says overheat. But the sound isnt loud at all and certainly if there is good bass in the song it shuts down at even lower volume settings
The speakers or the wire connecting them to the receiver could be at fault.
Check the surrounds of the woofers in the speakers. If there is deteriorated foam it can cause the receiver to shut down.
If you have the speakers set to large in the speaker menu it will use more power from the receiver so try them on small. Using bass boost will require more power from the receiver too.
Make sure that the receiver is well ventilated. Try a fan to keep it cooler.
You just may not have enough power. AV receivers often product less than half their rated power when all channels are driven hard.

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