My Watch Has Ended (i'm goin to fry this PC)

Jun 27, 2018
SOS(help) !

Mr Crew member,

help me please.

the RAM is 2gb low and processor is pentium..
All i wanted to do is make my laptop get up and run faster.

is my laptop (toshiba satellite c850 p5010) compatible for upgrade to other CPU's (if its OK specify type)

And even if i updated the tiny processor chip do i have to update RAM to be able to run heavy GPU/Memory apps..

do i have to update motherboard ?

and even if i did, what about the default voltage input from the battery to the new chipsets ?

would it work?


hope you will help this lad.


Mar 13, 2017
It really doesn't worth the money and effort. Performance wise, it isn't going to lead anywhere that justifies the working hours and possible drawbacks to replace with a compatible cpu, not to mention that the chip maybe soldered on the motherboard. Wait for additional answers to verify. You can add 2x4gb of ram to replace this 2gb of ram, that would be a sensible upgrade. Finally you can replace with a SSD which will substantially help your laptops performance.


It might be best if you just let it go. Those old laptops usually have components like the CPU and GPU soldered in and you won't be able to do any upgrading there. Even if you could salvage the CPU it most likely wouldn't work with a new one. Most (nearly all) laptops don't have the same customization that desktops have - the hardware and circuitry that's in them is made for that specific laptop and won't work with any new hardware.
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