Need a 3D Gaming Laptop with ultrabook weight at budget price


Sep 3, 2013
Need a fully configurable laptop with 3d that can run linux and windows. It should support touch screen. It should have gaming performance. The weight should not be heavy. But should be less than $500. I know things are expensive. But can you make a review of 10 Laptops. I do not brother about brand. Is there any way to customize your own laptop.

William Longstreet

Jun 5, 2013

You Sir, Are insane. And that is a Load coming from me :)

Gaming laptops dont usally support Touchscreen.

Most gaming laptops have a 400$ gpu that is most likely to heavy for your likings
Id say get a macbook pro 15', GTX 650M 2-way SLI and can run windows or linux or both. no touch screen and some gaming power.
You need to increase your budget or lower your expectations. In the $500 range you are going to get a laptop with integrated graphics. Additionally, "light weight" in laptops are an "added cost" meaning light laptops are generally more expensive than typical weight laptops. Lightweight combined with good graphic usually translates into "expensive".