Need a gaming laptop to replace desktop


Nov 30, 2009
I have a desktop that I use for gaming but I'm starting school soon and need something that takes up less space and that I can take to class.

I picked up a ASUS g73 from BestBuy but after looking around I'm not sure that I should keep it.

I was considering taking it back and getting a g73-a1 instead because it supports a higher resolution and more hdd space than the bestbuy version. However after reading some forums there seems to be some flaws with the g73 series such as keyboards missing keystrokes, overheating, and inability to update the video drivers without crippling the laptop.

So it would help me out a lot if someone could tell me if the g73 is worth the investment or if there is something else I should get instead.

After the warranty and case from BB it cost me ~$1700 so i need something for around the same price if not cheaper.



Aug 12, 2008

I was looking at that ASUS in Best Buy today too, since it's the only gaming laptop they carry. It looked OK, but I think you can do better in that price range.

I just asked about a similar price range on here and ended up settling on an MSI. You can get a GX640 nicely configured for $1700 or less. I'm looking at the 660R myself - a bit pricier, but starts well-equipped at that point.

If you need something a little less flashy, try a Sager or CyberPower. I was pointed towards a MSI, and I've had great experiences with their desktop hardware, but Sager is great, and CyberPower is a close runner-up, probably close to what you have now.

Those are assuming a 15" display, which is a bit more portable while still capable for gaming.

Edit: Not saying what you have is bad, I don't know everything about it. Just pointing out other options. ASUS is a great company as well :)
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