Need a laptop for everyday life and Gaming


Aug 12, 2015
Hey guys,

Total disclaimer; I really don't understand much about computers. I've browsed through lots of posts on here trying to get an answer to my question, but don't understand what most of the answers are. Bare with me if something similar has already been posted, and whoever gives me the most technology-challanged-person answer wins a gold star and my thanks.

Like the title says, I need a laptop to do my basic every day life tasks, including online work/classes for the army, as well as a solid laptop for gaming in my down time. I want to be able to run games like LoL, CIV, Battlefront slash what ever comes out that I feel like playing.

With regards to things like battery life and cooling, what every you guys thing is the best bang for the buck works. Obviously I'd like a cool-running laptop even when playing games and one with solid battery life, but again, what ever the experts thing is best. I've been using a Mac for the past few years so I'm used to and would like a larger track pad.

Since I will be taking this laptop around with me I would like something portable(ish). Nothing like the ASUS ASUS ROG G751, way too heavy. Around 15" screen would be nice. The whole touch-screen and flipping it around "tablet" thing is kinda nice but not necessary if its a deal killer. SSD would also be nice.

I'd like to keep it under $1500.

Thanks guys, really appreciate it.


Dec 15, 2013
This seems to be the best deal for under $1k and will do all you require, plus has the 4gb version of the 960m so should output to a 4k tv for movie watching pretty well: They also make it in a 16gb of ram version with an ssd for an extra $150.

This is open box, but a very good deal for a GTX880M with 2xssd's and a 1tb hd at just under $1300. New model of this last year was going for around $1900: If I could go back two weeks in time I would buy it and save $1k over a near identical system I just picked up.