Solved! Need a tool, preferably free to draw my rural property, buildings and Network plans

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Sep 30, 2021
I live in Rural Texas on a micro ranch of 2.5 acres with a main house and multiple outbuildings. In asking questions on forums many folk do not understand my topography VS my Network needs.

I need to graphically describe:
  1. The property perimeter and physical features such as gates, power lines, including interior structures.
  2. Main house and device/ network locations
  3. 3d and scale are not critical
  4. easy to drop Icons of various devices

Feel free to ask questions

I have spent way too many hours with Paint, Power point, and some floor plan freeware's

MS win 10 pro environment

Opinions please
Power Point should be able to handle this they have plenty of built in icons, Visio also will work.

If you can't get what you want in free programs try things like SketchUp, most have free trials.
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