Need advice on OS for new build


Mar 9, 2016
Hi everyone.

So I've ordered all of the parts for my new tower (Just waiting for the Motherboard to arrive), but I'm not sure on which OS to buy for it.

I've been using Windows 7 for as long as I can remember, and so if feasible I just want to buy another OEM for the new tower, but after doing some research I've found out that Microsoft have more or less stopped offering updates for it.

So firstly, is it likely that I'll face any future problems installing Windows 7 to my new build,
and if not, then would it make much of a difference if I used an OEM, OEI, or MAR for the installation?

Secondly I need information on Windows 10.

Is anyone using it at the moment, and if so, what is it like?
How different is it to Windows 7?
Would it be worth buying Windows 10 instead of another copy of Windows 7, and if so, will I run into any compatibility issues?
And finally would it make any difference if I bought an OEM instead of the Retail version? (beyond a huge saving on the price - the disparity of which I must say is quite ridiculous, and I don't really understand how Microsoft get away with it...)

The tower's going to be used mainly to make music in Propellerhead's 'Reason 7', to run software like 'Audacity', and to play games like 'Starcraft II', 'Wasteland 2' & 'XCOM 2' (once I buy it) along with possibly the old Starcraft, 'Divine Divinity', and the old Fallout games also.
The decision between 7 and 10 is yours. YOu have to check for yourself:
- whether apps you intent to use are compatible with Windows 10 (unless you are using some very low-level utility, your chances are good)
- whether the hardware you have (plan to buy) supports one or the other OS.

My personal choice is 10. I like the user interface, and apps, more.