Need experienced opinions to purchase a phone


Sep 24, 2015
Hello everyone!

My current phone has finally died and I'm looking for a new one. Unfortunately, I have no clue what makes a smartphone good.
I've been reading some reviews of budget smartphones and these are the options I've decided to go with:

-Alcatel One Touch Idol 3
-Asus Zenfone 2
-Honor 5X
-OnePlus X
-LG G Flex 2
-Wileyfox Swift
-Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
(There are some good Vodafone products but apparently they have a bad reputation and I don't want to deal with it)

It would be greatly appreciated if you could share your opinions and experiences to help me choose the best smartphone to buy.
Feel free to suggest any other smartphones in this price range (300€/350$).

Thank you!