Need help buying high end gaming laptop

Jun 21, 2019
I have about $1700 to buy a laptop for school, work, video editing, and gaming. I do not care a great deal about getting one cheaper than around $1500 and I would just like to get the best one I can with that money. I was considering buying a laptop for school and work, and building a pc for gaming and video editing, but at the end of the day it is probably worth at least $300 for me to have those things combined and for the gaming and video editing to be portable. I have been looking at laptops that use rtx 2070, i7 8750h/9750h, 16 gb ram, 500+ gb ssd and 144 hz screen. I found that the brands Sager, Eluktronic, and CUK, have laptops with these specs for about $1600-1700, whereas brand names that I recognized have laptops with the same hardware for a couple hundred dollars more. I was wondering if anyone had experience with these brands and if you recommend them. Also, are these all pretty much the same laptop? Attached are the three laptops I have found:



Any information on these laptops would be much appreciated! Or whether it would be smarter to get a different one. I have also looked at the Sager website and would like to know if anyone has built one using their website which is here: