need help!!! buying my first laptop.


Jul 29, 2013
I am buying my first laptop and i am thinking of dell inspiron 15r of 17r .
both of them have intel i7 whit 1TB storage versions so i cant choose.
my buget is about 800 euros so if anyone could give me some advice or recommend some other dell laptop i would be graetful.
i would mostly do my homework and study whit it and also play some games like gta, mostly multiplayer and i will record the gameplay. i will be picture editing too when i have the time so as much as i have read intel i7 should come in handy.
i also have a few questions about some computer specs like what is ddr 3 and 2 and can i add an SSD drive and more ram on inspiron 15r or 17r myself ?
how good is ubuntu ?
and how good is AMD Radeon HD8730M ?

(dell inspiron 17r and 15r specs just encase anybody wants to say what should be different )
dell inspiron 17r
Silver, 17.3 FHD (1920x1080) WLED Anti-Glare, Core i7-3537U 3.1GHz/4MB, AMD Radeon HD8730M 2GB, 8MB (2x4MB) DDR3-1600, SATA 1TB 5400rpm, 8X DVD-/+RW, WLAN 802.11b/g/n+BT, Ubuntu, 2xUSB2.0 2xUSB3.0/HDMI/Card reader/ 6 cell batt/ 2.73kg/ Eng Numeric kbd/3Y Warranty

dell inspiron 15r
15.6" FHD (1920X1080) WLED Anti Glare, Core i7-3537U 3.1GHz, AMD Radeon HD 8730M/2GB, 2+4GB DDR3-1600, SATA 750GB 5400rpm, 8X DVD-/+RW, WLAN 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth/ Ubuntu/ 2xUSB3.0 / HDMI/Card reader/ Camera/6 cell batt/2.32Kg/ Nordic Numeric kbd