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Mar 4, 2020
So I just was given an Acer Aspire V laptop for free but I don't know the password to access any of the accounts already set up on here and because the person I got it from has passed away there is no way to get that password.
I tried doing the ALT F10 and clicking restore but then I get a message about needing a drive for storage? I don't know what thats about but I have tried doing everything I can think of and still getting the message.
I just want to reset the laptop to its original set up when you first buy it so I can start fresh but I can't get any other way to do this other than ALT F10 and thats not going to work!! please can someone help me. Oh and reinstalling windows is not an option either.


Sorry, but we can't help you bypass security measures as we have no means to verify the legal ownership of the device in question.

Contact Acer, or a local PC shop for assistance.

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