Question Need help connecting old VCR to Panasonic Plasma HDTV

Jul 9, 2019
I have a old VCR i'd like to connect to my HDTV but need some help with what cables i would need to connect them. I also have a HD cable box that's connected to the TV right now with a HDMI cable so i need some step by step instructions on what cables to buy and how to connect them all up.
The VCR will has a single composite video output (yellow) and left and right audio outputs (red and white). The TV will have the same connections but inputs. You will need a standard RCA AV cable that has three RCA plugs at each end. A RCA video cable plus standard RCA stereo output cable will work as well.
You can buy an AV to Scart adapter if needed but will still need the AV cable.
VCRs never had component video. S-VHS decks came with S-Video outputs.
That's a DVD/VCR. The VCR part will almost positively not output from the component video outputs. I have tried that on more than one.
If the DVD/VCR had an HDMI output then maybe the VCR would work with that output. Adds to the price but makes it more functional/
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