need help in selecting perfect laptop

BK Vipul Udapure

Feb 24, 2014
Hi there,
I am a student pursuing I want to buy a laptop probably ultrabook. I have to travel daily to my research institute not only this I have to attend several conferences so I think I need a 13 or 14 inch laptop. I will prefer 13 although. I use some molecular docking tool for my bioinformatics work. so need a good processor (i5 will do) . Now I am stuck with lenovo ideapad yoga13, samsung series 5 NP540 and macbook air 13. please help me in selecting the best for me. I am sure about macbook will I have to invest heavily again in software and apps on macbook. Is it worth in india ? Please keep in mind I will be doing Phd after


A MAC is rarely worth it unless you really don't care about budget and all the software you need will run on it. Although you can always setup a dual boot with Windows on it also. Either the Lenovo or Samsung will do well, they are both reliable brands. Apple has a very solid build, if you can live with custom ports, less software and maybe the need for a dual-boot Windows setup along with the extra cost, it's not a bad pick. Just has too many drawbacks for most people.
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