Need Help On Laptop promblem


Feb 4, 2016
hey guys i bought a laptop back a while ago wanted to know if you could help me on tips and if u could please give info on some things.

ok so the probelm is that it runs very slow tried to install the os back again but it still persists.
yall guys are probably saying take it back too late. hp waranty system? Too much time wasted on shipping and so much to fill out.

so i want to fix it and upgrade hardware in it to make it really good.
i would like to upgrade ram and add 4gb more to it, it only with 4gb. if yall could give the cheapest 4gb ram to this laptop that would be great. I am also taking a peek inside it an would love if u could give me instructions on how to open thanks. now to storage i think the problem would be the hard drive, i want to replace it or completely empty it and install os back in it again.

the main reason i want to take a peek inside would be to see if another hdd/ssd slot is available so i could probably buy ssd for os and keep 500gb as storage. if not i could buy new hdd but the problem is if the laptop needs whats inside of the hdd that is preinstalled. i do not know because i see all these hp programs running on it. if there would be a way to buy new hdd and put these hp programs and such, that the laptop needs it would be fine. i could buy another copy of windows 10 that wont hurt me at all. Anyways thank u for everything

Manufacturer: HP
Model Number: 15-af131dx
Product Number: P1A95UA#ABA


Feb 4, 2016
Look I'm not retarded and was looking for a professional answer to my problem please do contain your anger issues and if u can't answer and be helpful please don't answer at all.
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