Need help picking a laptop


Mar 23, 2013
Under $1000 Canadian/American
Very Thin/Lightweight/Portable
6+ Hours of battery life
Needs to run:
League of Legends
Guild wars 2
Mmos and Casuals
All on maximum settings
45+ fps minimum ALWAYS
Possible to live stream to twitch while gaming?
And the ability to keep cool
Aluminum chassis, custom fan system air flow, etc is always a good thing.

IF NEEDED Then you may up the budget to $1500

Ty ^_^ Please provide links and remember im not trying to achieve hardcore games maxed just casuals and low system requirement games.

Good luck and ty!



Might be your best chance. This is a difficult one because your criteria are a little conflicting. Thin and lightweight laptops typically have long battery life, but are usually extremely weak in terms of CPU and graphics power. To find you a lightweight laptop that can last for 6 hours on battery, keep cool, and work pretty well but they will not play any of those games on max settings and get over 30fps. Those aren't intense games really except maybe LoL but because of the need to keep the weight down and battery life long they need to use smaller and lighter parts which have no where near that amount of power.

If you decide you want something and don't care about weight and battery life then for that price its easy to get a powerful machine that should be able to play all of those games at max settings at good fps, but they will be heavier and the battery life will be worse. For example the one I linked above I think is around 6 pounds and has in the cheaper ones with only one GPU maybe 4 hours battery life but it will play your games fine I think.

Your best option is probably to get the one I linked or maybe one of the MSI Dragon series laptops and plug the buy the biggest battery for it you possible can find. It won't be lite, but at least it will meet the most possible criteria you want.