Question Need help with HP envy 15t laptop non responsive

Sep 29, 2019
Hi I am hoping someone may be able to direct me as to how to go about fixing some issues on my HP Envy 15t laptop windows 10.

1- one issue is it is now freezing using any program saying program is not responding, down to trying to turn it off. So it’s basically impossible to use now. This has gradually gotten worse.

2- There are an unusual amount of processes operating in the task manager. Many are windows and are not clear if they can be closed or not but I would imagine this is causing the computer to slow down also.

3- I have teens micro and it does not show any viruses etc. I ran malwarebytes also and same. I have had issues using google chrome and then started using edge browser and now that no longer opens either.

The laptop is about 2 years old and I am hoping it’s fixable. I’m not good with computer stuff so if there’s anything anyone can offer I am very appreciative. I’m trying to see how complicated the repairs would be before I decide to get it fixed as the computer wouldn’t be worth spending too much on.

I use it for work also so I can’t go without a computer. Very Frustrating!

Btw, I have tried the hp solution center which has not helped and trouble shooting. It’s outside the warranty.

Thanks so much!

Well to start, most processes that are running that are for Windows need to be there and they should not slow down the device enough to cause said issues. They have likely been there, barring updates, since you got the device.

Now it is possible there are other things starting up when you start the computer. If you go back into 'msconfig' and look at the 'startup' tab you can see what is starting when Windows does. Many things are needed, but there may be some that you just don't need starting up right away and will slow the computer down. Be sure you know what the item does before you uncheck it or risk more problems.

You should also consider clearing out all your history, cache, etc. for your browser(s). Just be sure yo save anything you use regularly or need first. The more stuff in there the more resources and space used.

Lastly one, don't leave a lot of programs open, and minimized, as this will use up the resources. If you aren't using it then you should close it. The same goes for browser tabs. And two, reboot the computer regularly, or shut it down when not in use. Just closing things does not get you all the resources back. that requires the computer be shut down.
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Sep 29, 2019
Thank you for the advice. I will try doing those things. I think I made he mistake of not turning it off enough. As a week ago it heated up to a burning degree. I’ve been turning it off since then. I got it to work today after I made the post but only for a brief time. I was able to print a few things. I went back on and tried to print and there was no connection to the printer.

As far as the processes, there’s always a few of them or one that is taking up 95 percent of disk space. Normally it’s something I am unsure of. But it is different each time. This has been going on for awhile but it seems weird to me. I guess because of the amount but maybe it is start up programs.

I’ll definitely try what you mentioned. Thanks again!
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