Need laptop for gaming


Mar 23, 2013
Under $1700 us windows 8 is preffered, need it to be thin, lightweight, and portable, run league of legends and minecraft on max while streaming to twitch 1080p. long battery life minimum of 6 hours the more the better. Im mostly interested in laptops with mobile nvidia cards for their drivers, and software, i was hoping this laptop could include this new thing where it allows you to stream to twitch directly from the gpu, i think it only applies to kepler models, anyways i will also be using it for school, and programming. i dont need a gaming machine i need a laptop that can max games like league, minecraft, and any other mmos like guild wars 2 and the upcoming Eso. Ty and provide links! Try reccomending me laptops with good records of keeping my cool and aluminum shells are perfect for the laptops casing incase you wanted to know what material i wish or like it to be made out of