Solved! Need laptop screen fixed

Dec 25, 2018
My cat stepped on my laptop screen and now it is white.... Where do go go to get this fixed and how much will it costs

Saga Lout

Most professional fixes should only charge for an hour's labour plus the cost of the screen. Buy that yourself by entering the make and precide model reference in a search in e-Bay.

Alternatively you could change it yourself. See if you can find an online Service Manual for your make and model. You'll need a 2.5mm Pozi screwdriver, a needle, a magnet and an old credit card. The needle is to remove the rubber bungs that hide the screws holding the bezel which surrounds the screen. Skipping the screwdriver, the magnet to ensure the screws stay where they should and the credit card is to ease into the crack between the lid and the bezel, starting on a corner edge.

The screen itself might require a smaller Pozi or Phillips and and the screws on the side brackets need to be removed. The ribbon cable is very delicate but the tiny brass bar unclips and swings back to allow removal and refitting.
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