Need MacBook like laptop cheaper


Jan 14, 2013
I couldn't find a sticky to use so I will try to include everything needed.

Budget:$800 Maybe more if extremely worth it, but I would really rather not.

Uses: Web Browsing, Gaming, Video and movie watching, word documents, and maybe light video editing.

Games I'd like to play: planetside 2, portal 2, the witcher 2, amnesia, Gary's mod, guild wars 2 and league of legends are games I plan to play.

Size: I'd prefer 14 or 15 inch but will settle for 13 or 17 if I have to.

Resolution: I'd like true hd but I'd rather have better specs and a standard screen.

If I'm leaving necessary stuff out just ask. My ideal laptop would be a 2011 or newer MacBook Pro 15 because they are gaming capable, well built, great battery life, lightweight and still very thin. So I'd like to find a windows comparable one within my budget area. Thanks for any help.

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