Need Sony stereo system connector cords (circa 1992)

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Donald Hannaford

Jun 3, 2013
Where can I find connector cords for Sony component system (FM Stereo Tuner model ST-JX301, Integrated Amplifies model TA-AX301, and Cassette Deck model TC-W301). It seems proprietary to Sony and are called "System Control" connections.
There is little or no chance of finding these. Your best bet would be let a local tech solder wires from each connector to the appropriate mate. Unless you know that these components all work I would say that it may not be worth the trouble or expense.


Apr 6, 2014

i know this thread is oooold. same problem for me. did you ever find a solution? "americanaudiophile" answer was completely unhelpful


What would be "helpful" answer? You're asking for something more than 30 years old, which ceased production 25 years ago. This is not Ford Model T, where you can get parts even a century after.
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