Question Need suggestions on switching to IPTV!!

Feb 26, 2020
Hello everyone,
The price of Cable TV is significantly increasing day by day.
We spend more money yearly on Cable TV than anything else.
I was so shocked to see my last month's bill even without adding any premium channels. It was twice the amount of the previous month.I've heard that IPTV is more reliable than traditional media and offers customized channels at a reasonable cost. So, we are thinking about switching to IPTV. I would be contacting an netfox IPTV provider nearby tomorrow.
Before that, I would like to hear your suggestions on switching to IPTV.
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For that your internet connection has to be very stable and it´s highly depending on the shows you wanna watch. Some won´t be available on IPTV if you don´t pay there as well or is missing completely.

I myself watch TV rarely, but I have a satellite dish for that if I want to.