Question Need to find out hard drive size.

Aug 10, 2021
I have a older Toshiba laptop, a Satallite A505-S6960. Serial # is 79438840Q and the part # is PSAP0U-007007. It has a Intel Core2Duo T6500 processor and 4 GB of Ram. I need to find out what size hard drive it has in it. I wiped the laptop and it has a new install of Windows 10 Home. I am wanting to sell it and don't want to enter any information that I would have to remove again to find out.


If it is the original drive, probably 320GB.

However, a screencap of the current Disk Management window would show definitively.

I have an older Tosh laptop, that originally came with a 160GB HDD.
Warranty replacement, and now it has a 250GB drive.
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Aug 10, 2021
I actually pulled the cover on the bottom of the laptop over the drive and it says it is a 320GB. Thank you to all that responded.


Jul 7, 2020
FYI--For others with a similar question. Disks may be partitioned which makes it more difficult to find the real total size. You can do that as follows:
Type Manage in the search box and open the computer manager
Under Storage, click on Disk Management
Make sure the View includes graphical for the bottom
This will show all installed disks (and how this are partitioned) along with each disk's total size.
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