??New AsusW90Vp or 09" MacBook Pro 17"??


Mar 6, 2009
Well thats one major laptop down. , lol thx so much. Interesting i hadnt heard of those problems, although i had to start researching yesterday: cause my 2yr old busted the other laptop =0 . Hope the new mac pro i was gonna order gets more Graphics choices and matures a bit befor i have to get my desktop workstation. And thats the purpose of what is looking like the asus W90. Thx again , andif any other sugestions come up as far as other laptop choicesid be interested in lower cost mid term solutions too , as i may get a desktop workstation in a month or 2.
ASUS W90Vp is a very powerful notebook,it comes with 2 HD 4870s in CrossFire which destroy the macbooks 9600MGT in gaming.

Dont buy a MAC for gaming :) because 95% of games are made for windows.
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