New Eluktronics Laptop Overheating (High Idle temps, less than 1 month old)


Apr 25, 2017
Eluktronics Brand
gtx 1050ti
8gb ram

My new performance laptop is just about a month old and is experiencing some nasty temps, even by laptop standards. At rest, I see idle temps at 50c+ regardless of what processes are running. Here is my complete idle temps, this is 10 minutes after booting up. I play League of Legends and Battlegrounds on it, Word for reports and general web browsing. LoL will get it up to to the 80s, Word and web browsing will get it to the mid-high 60s, and Battlegrounds WILL FRY IT! It has overheated to the point of bluescreen/shutdown twice now, with temp reaching 95c+ in all 4 cores. The first time this happened I thought it was a fluke, so I pushed it on. The second time I felt the bottom was searing so I ran CoreTemp just to see and low and behold, 90c+ in all cores during Battlegrounds. I was close to the end of a game so I played it out. As soon as the game ended and I returned to the main menu, the laptop shutdown due to temps.
Graphics are set to GPU, not on-board, max CPU% is set to 93 and I am still getting this high of temps, even at idle.

I AM sending this in for maintenance because I should not have this issue at all with an expensive, performance laptop.

What can I do before I send out to try and settle this issue? I was told it would be checked out and have new paste applied but I feel that it is more than just a poor paste job on the chip. Depending on their response, I will attempt to get a refund. I wanted to try a new brand (away from my reliable Asus) and I am somewhat disappointed with Eluktronics, at the moment.

Any and all help, prior to me shipping this thing back for a checkup after only a month, is greatly appreciated.
If it is that new, I would not try messing with anything yourself as you risk voiding your warranty. Which you don't want to do. A device that new shouldn't give you such trouble. It is best to do as you planned and contact the manufacturer.
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