New Google Plus Leak Hits 52 Million, Service Will Shut Down Sooner

Dec 11, 2018
Hey. Yes, the other day, Google announced the imminent closure of Google+ due to low user engagement and an error that opened up the possibility of leaking personal information to 500,000 accounts.
During the audit of the code, called "Project Strobe" (Project Strobe), the company discovered an error in one of the API, which could lead to leakage of personal data from Google+ accounts. This error allowed other user-installed apps to access the Google+ API to read non-public information about their friends, such as name, age, gender, email address and place of work. No other data is affected by this vulnerability.
Therefore, I use the vpns both on mobile and on pc to protect my network and encrypt sensitive data.

Paul Wagenseil

Senior Editor
Apr 11, 2014

A VPN wouldn't have made any difference in this case. The Google Plus website has always used HTTPS, and your communications with it have always been encrypted end-to-end. The leak occurred within the Google Plus environment, with internal processes talking to each other; VPNs would not affect those internal processes.

Your link advertises free VPN services. We do not advise that anyone use free VPN services, ever.