Solved! New Home - Need Opinion on Smart Devices

Nov 14, 2018
Hello all,

I have a few smart home products (Arlo cameras, 2 Echos, some plug switches, SmartThings hub and just recently a Lenovo Google Smart Display). I am in the process of buying a house and want to have the most streamlined experience so I will be purchasing a Kwikset 914 smart lock and the Nest Thermostat & Protect in addition to a true smart tv.

My question is I am in the market for a Smart TV and see there are Google Assistant tvs (LG UHD) and SmartThings TVs (Samsung Q6F, Q6FN, Q7F, Q7FN) and do not know which tv to purchase. I'm moving away from Alexa to Google and while the Samsung tv can control the SmartThings routines only (no Google Assistant), the LG tv which has Google doesn't have the cool ambient mode that blends into the wall. Does anyone have advice for my situation? Should I just make all the routines through SmartThings and plug a Chromecast in the back of the Samsung?
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