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Oct 17, 2021
First... thank you for welcoming me. I'm JoAnn. Worked for a major wireless company for several years... which brings me to my question. I have been an avid, hardcore android user for years. Current phone is Galaxy Note 10, not quite two years old. I am taking the full plunge into iPhone in November (its on order). How difficult is this transition going to be? I ordered the Pro Max 256 GB. I'm really excited about this, but scared at the same time. Do I need help or a drink? 😁 I'm told it's gonna be a rough learning curve. Any suggestions?
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Dec 28, 2021
iOS is a simple to use operating system. You shouldn’t have a problem figuring out how to use it if you did well with Android.

The biggest issue may be compatibility with existing devices. Apple locks down their software/hardware, often only allowing Apple-based products and programs to work with their phones & other devices. This limits the risk of viruses, but it also limits our software/hardware choices, and forces us to pay top dollar for them. If you own mostly Android based devices, you will now wish you didn’t! Sometimes they’ll be compatible. Sometimes they won’t be. Google/Android products are not near as restrictive.

What types of devices will you be collaborating with most often (computer, headphones, cable streaming, music?). If you currently own devices that favor the Android OS, for example a Windows PC, transition is possible but could be a challenge, and even more so…. costly upfront. You will be tempted to switch to all Apple specific products, as they generally work sooo much better with iPhones.

I continue to use Apple products bcs I feel they are less prone to viruses, but I’m actually rethinking this. Lately, they’ve been removing budding social media apps from their App Store bcs they don’t like their politics. Apple is protected from said unwanted speech through Congress’ gift of Sec 230 (which is even MORE lenient than Constitutionally legal speech), yet, they continue to cower to the few who keep demanding more censorship. I value freedom of speech more than I worry about a virus.

Google/Android aren’t much better, BUT their open source software and App Store allow a semi-independent separation for creators, increasing the opportunity a budding App and creator will succeed.

Today, it is difficult to separate use of a product with politics bcs they’re so interconnected. I hate that they’ve created this atmosphere, but it now must be a part of our discussion. (And fyi, as some will automatically assume… I’m NOT a Republican, lol, but I am an AMERICAN).

Anyhow….Good luck!😃