New laptop constantly making noise, but not just steady fan noise


Aug 16, 2016
My laptop is a fairly new

I am running it on windows 10

It Constantly makes a sort of kinda quiet grinding type noise which is very noticeable and annoying constantly. The only time its not making this noise is when I am playing a game and the fans are going, they might just be masking the sound but it seems like it is gone altogether. My cpu is never on a high percentage and this noise persists with no programs running.
A lot of the time there is also a quite loud whine which goes for about 5 seconds before stopping and starting again.

Recording ( low quality but through the white noise the noise I am referring to can be heard. )

Just hoping there is anything I can do to lessen noise or at least to identify what it is so i dont need to ever worry about it. It is really annoying to me because I basically cant use this laptop without headphones or some other kind of noise without it annoying me and giving me a headache. Not sure what else to say but any information you need I can respond with.

Is there any way i could turn off fans or stop the hard drive to see what the noise is from?

Thank you all!
It doesn't sound bad to me, seems quite low. But that is me.

If the laptop is new, and still under warranty, then contact the manufacturer about the issue. If it is an actual problem, then it is up to them to repair or replace it.