Question New laptop crashing

Aug 5, 2023
I just got a brand new Acer Nitro 5 2 weeks ago. The issue is that when I play games, it suddenly freezes and windows itself crashes and restarts. Before it fully restarts however, it says bootable drive not found. I force restarted it and it restarted but I got notifications saying I need to restart the laptop to fix drive errors. Does anyone know what the issue might be? I have an anti-virus installed so it shouldn't be a virus.
Aug 4, 2023
The Acer Nitro Series isn't really well off in the first place. Based off of people I know that had them, they also experience those freezes and crashes, early on and in later months from the initial buy.

But there could be multiple reasons really, here are some of what I can think off :
1. Storage / Drive issue, could be hardware or software, and it could be either the SSD or the HDD. Best to check both.
2. Temperatures, this tends to happen when the CPU or the GPU tends to get too hot and it has this fail safe system where the laptop shuts down to avoid super overheating and potentially breaking the other components. Pretty sure acer has some really strong fans doe with performance mode.
3. Check for drivers, Nvidia Geforce Experience will keep you up to date, also use Driver Easy for other potential updates
4. Faulty laptop, try to consult with your seller ASAP.
5. If you ever get a refund, try the Gigabyte series of laptops.
6. Do you game with the charger not plugged in ? If so, plug it in while gaming, trust me gaming laptops are portable PCs now.