New Lenovo Y510P Wireless issues


Aug 1, 2012
I currently sit here typing this on my tablet at my school's library while I have my laptop sitting behind it, hindered useless because no matter which of the three connection I have available around me I connect to, the internet won't connect, or will cut out shortly afterwards. I cannot take this given the fact that I have multiple online class which require test taking and the internet cannot be intermittent. I can connect just fine to the internet without many issues via my tablet, and my laptop works fine when plugged in back at home, only has issues when using wireless. I have browsed the internet for common solutions to my laptop issue, and figure it is the Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 card which is causing the issue. Are there in hot fixes to my issue which seem to be very common amongst other y510p users? Thanks!
I've read that the cause is the Intel wireless card / adapter model used in the the Y510p and many other laptops. You may want to go to Lenovo's or Intel's website for an updated driver. Also, you should check out the Lenovo forum for the wifi issue with the Y510p.