Question Newbie to subwoofer wont work with PC


Oct 25, 2016
I recently bought the edifier 1850 speakers to use with my PC, mainly for gaming and music, and they are wonderful! Using optical and they sound work great for me. I just picked up a Dayton sub 1500, and until I get the rest of my home theater funds together(I'm on a budget obviously), I want to use it with my PC and blow the doors off of my computer room.

Connecting the 3.5mm sub out with the RCA to the sub produces no sound from the sub at all, does that have something to do with my optical being connected from my PC to the bookshelf speakers? I'm very new to audio so any help will be very welcome. Thanks!
The Edifier owners manual doesn't give any instructions on using the sub out.
The subwoofer output might be a mono 3.5mm jack rather than stereo. If you got a cable with a stereo mini plug and two RCA plugs it might not work. Check with Edifier.
It is possible that the sub out only works when you use the analog audio input of the speakers. Try that instead of the optical connection.
To make sure that the sub itself is working connect it to another source. That could be your phone or the analog audio output of the PC. Make sure the AC outlet it's plugged into is live and that you have the level turned up and the crossover frequency at about 100hz.