Nintendo Patent Shows Touchscreen Add-On for Wiimote

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Jul 27, 2011
[citation][nom]alidan[/nom]i would have to say that in cod, it would add more skill to the game. take this as a modetake the stats off the main screen, and add them into the touch kind of. if you look at the touch while playing the game, its a person tracker, if you take the wii mote away from the screen it shows you ammo in the gun as though you are taking it out, quickly moving the controller away and back would reload.this would make people focus on how much ammo they spent, and if they don't, they have to look down, it also forces people to listen to the game, for footsteps, and if they don't want to, look away at the remote. i already have allot of hope on the pad idea, where you stick it on the end of a gun thing (cant spell the word i want), and its iron sights, or a scope while the screen doesn't change. though i think this smaller one has a better chance to possibly succeed in my hopes.[/citation]

Touche sir.

Compelling arguments.

If they can make a gun/controller that can properly take advantage of the screen, then I agree with you. That would add a lot more (needed) realism to the game. very exciting.

I guess I am just against this design (by itself, no add-on gun/bayonet controller).
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