News Nintendo Switch 2 release date just tipped in new report — and it's earlier than expected


Jan 11, 2018
Doesn't matter. The price point will not make sense when you can get a ROG Ally, Steam Deck or other upcoming handhelds with massive libraries at the same price.

Not just that, it's another smack in the D to Nintendo owners. Nintendo has a history of not making newer games compatible with previous gens.

They should have released released an upgraded dock with additional processing power. For those that want a more powerful portable, release a new handheld.
Sep 7, 2023
You would think there would already be dev kits for launch titles and actual specs if launch was 6 months out and the devs at Gamercon in Germany stated that was not the case . It was alledgedly showcased running Breath of the Wild (fingers crossed for backward compatibility) to illustrate how much better the next gen can handle heavy screen population then the current . No mention of framerate or specs of any kind and no mention of when dev kits would be available .