Question "No bootable device" error, 2 beeps and Error Code 0xc0000185

Charlie A

Mar 20, 2016
I have a laptop here that I haven't booted up for 5 years (!) as I have another device, I'm going to dispose of this one but need to get some files off it first.

I tried to boot it up but got the Error Code 0xc0000185 . I then turned the device on again and the "No Bootable Device" error. Almost every time I turn it off and back on I get a different error. It occasionally gives me some options including Refresh Computer, Factory Reset, Restart and some others.

Sometimes I get 2 beeps which I looked up and read was a RAM error. However, some sources claim Error Code 0xc0000185 is a Hard Drive Error, so I'm conflicted.

Should I try replacing the RAM or is this definitely Hard Drive related?

If it makes any difference, this is a Lenovo G505s running Windows 8.1

Thanks in advance for any help.


Jul 7, 2020
The easiest way to do this (especially if you never plan to use this machine again) is to open it up, remove the hard drive and connect it to your new laptop with a USB adapter. The old hard drive is likely a SATA, but if you look at it when you take it out, you can match it up with the proper adapter visually. The adapters are pretty inexpensive (maybe $20 for a decent one). You don't need a case. Just lay it on a table top. The error codes may indicate a serious, unrecoverable error but hopefully you will get lucky. The next step is trying recovery software (again with the HD removed) to see what you might get back.

You can likely find disassembly instructions via an internet search (look for service manual).


Oct 11, 2020
Since this an older laptop the different errors could also mean the bios/cmos battery is going bad. If you are able to boot to the bios, check the clock. if wrong - replace the battery.
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