Question No realtek HD audio manager/Audio Problems

Jan 11, 2020
So I recently completed a pc build and installed windows 10 on it.

My motherboard (ASRock b450 steel legend) comes with 5 audio jacks in the back and 2 in the front the ones in the back are as follows:-

Orange - Center/Subwoofer out

Blue - Line in

Black - Rear speaker out

Green - Front speaker out

Pink - Mic in

And then the ones in the front are for headphones in and mic in

The problem lies in that only one, i.e, Green in the back is outputting audio.

In my old system I used to have the Realtek HD audio manager but in this one I only have this windows store application called Realtek Audio Console.

I want it so that I can plug in my headphones and speakers BOTH in the back panel and get simultaneous audio from both. But I haven't been able to do any such thing.

And there is no audio out from the front panel as well, the cabinet is same and I can confirm that the front panel used to work in the old system.

Any help?