No signal problem

Apr 16, 2018
I recently began putting together a computer and I ordered all the parts and put them together. My first time trying to power everything on and my PC turns on without the monitor being plugged in yet. Then when I tried to boot to bios I got the no signal error. My monitor only has a VGA port, which I only realized after I bought all my parts, so I plugged the other end from my monitor into my motherboard( b250m pro-vd). I again tried to boot the BIOS and got the no signal error. So I searched online and figure it out I need to plug it into my GPU( I'm new to pc build please don't roast me) but my GPU(msi 1050 ti 4gb) only has a DVI d port and monitor only has a vga port so I tried to buy an adapter for it. When I got the adapter I still got the same error, so I have no idea what I need to do to fix it. I double checked my connections inside my pc and everything has clicked together and, they seem to work. Even my ram seems to be pushed in all the way, but the only thing that would not make the click when pushed in was my jaudi1 connector. I'm not sure if that's the big problem but it could be. My friend told me that I should buy a new monitor with a DVI port but that's one of the last things I want to do if I don't have to. so if anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated.