No sound on paired bti-010 to my backbeat headphones


Does the following link match your device?

And you have it configured for receive (Rx) correct?

What are you using as the source bluetooth transmitter?

Do the headphones work on other devices?

If so, and if you are certain that the pairing is indeed established then doublecheck all audio configuration settings on the audio source.

E.g. default audio device, mixer settings, mute, ....
Jan 9, 2019
Still no sound cannot get sound . Very disappointed and frustrated. My backbeat work with bluetooth but cannot connect t my bti-010. I wanted to use the headphones on the plane and was told I needed this device.


Not sure what to suggest per se.

Can you add some details about the devices being connected?

For example:

Audio source ----> adapter ----> backbeat headphones

Just in case I am not following the bigger picture correctly.
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