Question No sound only with blue-ray through hdmi in of soundbar

Oct 16, 2019
I purchased a Vizio SB36512-F6 soundbar and have been trying to get blue-ray to output atmos to the soundbar. The current setup is as followed:
  • Sony BDP-S590 blue-ray player is plugged into the HDMI In port of the SB36512-F6 soundbar. Output is set to bitstream.
  • The soundbar is connected to a Vizio D50-E1 UHD tv through the ARC port. Input is set to HDMI In.
While the picture looks fine, I get no sound. I have tried playing DVD, blue-ray, and even netflix through the blue-ray. There is no sound and the tv system info report a audio type of None.

Just to further the mystery
  • If I hook the blue-ray to the tv using hdmi, I can get Dolby surround sound but not Atmos. I think this is because the TV can't output Atmos through ARC, which is why I plug the blue-ray into the soundbar in the first place.
  • While the blue-ray is plug into the HDMI in of the soundbar, I attempted to adjust the blue-ray's audio output. I set it to PCM and stereo. Even at those settings, there is no sound. This seems to indicate this is not due to a decoding issue.
  • I replaced the HDMI cable with another. Still no sound. This eliminates the cable.
  • I replaced the blue-ray with a roku plugged into the HDMI In port. The roku works properly and outputs Dolby Surround. That particular Roku model won't output atmos, but it eliminates hdmi in port not working.
  • Using the TV's Amazon Prime, I was able to get Atmos working by running atmos streams.

I am at a loss at why I get no sound from the blue-ray when connected to hdmi-in on the soundbar.



Jan 28, 2020

I'm experiencing what seems to be the same issue:

"I am at a loss at why I get no sound from the blue-ray when connected to hdmi-in on the soundbar."

After hours of self-troubleshooting (including reset of the soundbar), I called Vizio's support and did much of those same steps again.

In short, the "best" I can achieve is a second or two of Atmos audio (green light kicks on to indicate) from the two DVD players I tried via the HDMI In port. Then no audio after those few seconds. (Audio from DVD player via ARC works when I go that route.)

Did you find a resolution, Paul?

Vizio is sending me a new soundbar in the next week or so.

Ideas appreciated!