No sound with Realtek


Nov 26, 2009
Hi on you all, I´m back ;)

First info of the components that is related with this thing.
Windows 7 PRO 64
Case: Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced
MB: ASUS Sabertooth X58 1366, built-in Realtek sound controller.
Speaker: Logitech 5.1 system
Speaker input both in front (two) and back (three), never use those in front.
Use DVI and no speakers on my (very old and dying) screen.
Dont use optical sound, just the three analog intakes.

Have very big problems to get any sound at all. Summery #1:

Before reinstalling Windows I tried to use both the Realtek version that came on the DVD and Windows own speaker config by the volume buttom. It ended with that I had to use the Windows speaker utility to get any sound, all 5.1 speakers went well. Then I did install a program I should´nt have done with the result that my administrator account became locked, so after taking extra backups I reinstalled Windows. The same problem with Realtek appered even with trying to update that driver a several times, so it went back to Windows own sound setup. In the list of "up-playing-units" both the Windows speaker icon and Realteks every icons (HD audio digital optical output, icon for digital output, icon for Realteks own speaker controller, microphone icon and so on. The two front intakes (Intel HD sound controller) also showed as a icon but went to realtek in a way I dont understand, worked well on Intels controller before reinstalling Windows.

Summery #2:

Did a update of Realtek latest driver with my power bundle tool and for the first time it did installed properly withot Windows complaining of foulty driver/got restored after booting! At least something to be happy about... When it had booted up and Windows was loading up all the speakers were static growling and huming but hering a week thunder sound when all table icons and the field at the bottom was showing, not the ordinary Windows start up sound. Thats at least something, I got a sound even thus it only was 20% of the rest 80% growling sound. When looking up the "up-playing-units" list I noticed that Windows speaker icon was gone and replaced with Realtek HD audio icon set as standard. To avoid all the problems with optical and digital sound interferens I inactivated those Icons so only Realtek HD audio icon was left with the word activated and speaker below in that icon. Opened the Realtek HD sound configuration and as usual it was preset to stereo mode. Tried to click on the speakers but no sound, choosed 5.1 mode and tested but still no sound.

The speakers are from time to time shuffle between crackle, snaping and bliping in a static noise sound, not the all time but say every 5-10 seconds. Looked first in the configuration Realtek window and messed around but couldent make it work. The green sound cable is showing main front speakers, the black rear and yellove center and sub (what I can remember the black should be center and sub but I may have wrong). Have tried to unplugg the speaker cables to the PC when running and then put them back, restart with them connected, shut off the computer and remove the cables and then boot up again and insert them back again. Have checked that the unit and controller are working fine. What is wrong? Why dont I got any sound at all (the thunder sound is not included with this)? What can I do to fix it? Dont want to use the Windows speaker utillity, want Realtek instead. Every cable is sitting properly and in the right intakes. What the heck shall I do except kicking and shouting at my computer?

Codec ALC 892
Bus 0
DirectX 11.0

HELP !!! :sweat:


Nov 26, 2009

Have allready done that and the power bundle did download the latest driver. Did a system restore so now I´m back to where I was before that installation, and the Windows sound controller is up and running. Thus I discovered a odd thing: in the system unit control under drivers for sound etc the main controller is just high defenition audio built by Microsoft, but all the rest under that in this list is showing NVIDIA, some is also for HD audio but built by NVIDIA with licens from Microsoft. Dont get this but the sound is back to normal. That latest Realtek driver dissapeard and was not longer showing on the uninstall program list. Tried to install the Realtek audio driver that came with the motherbords dvd but experied the problem as I mention on top of this thread, no sound, just static noise. Did another system restore back to where I was before and the sound is running.

The reason I want to use Realtek is that the discant sound for the two highest marks at the right side of the eaquliser in Winamp and WMP is somehow not not supported without Realtek, so I cant hear those very high discant, thus I was able to hear it in my full-range speakers before when Windows was installed the first time. Sounded extremly well until my problems beginned.

Why is no version of the Realtek driver working? Regardless of how old and new those are the problem with no sound remains.


The HD audio by nvidia is most likely for the HDMI port on the video card. Remember, HDMI can broadcast audio and video over the same cable.

I'm not sure why the realtek audio manager isn't working for you. I didn't have those kinds of problems. It did seem to have problems if you didn't uninstall the drivers before attempting to install new drivers - i.e. don't install the drivers over top of itself.
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