NoAdware rant!


Oct 16, 2006
I was Googling up NoAdware reference files. A link came right up top( . Its an old inactive NoAdware rant. I was inspired to write this for some unknown reason but I have nowhere to post it so here it is...

This is the BEST EVER!!! HA..HA..NoAdware is a SCAM HA..HA..LETS SUE HA..HA..THATS FUNNY!!!
One guy had to reinstall his Opperating System!...HA..HA..HA..ect!

It seems all you people who post this freaked out help me stuff all over the net are just a bunch of NoNothing GOOFS that never learn!!!

I pleasantly browse all off the Worst the Most Dangerous, the Sluttiest stuff EVER on the net everyday year after year, etc!

ME and my PC never have any infections!

Want to no how I do it?
IE/Tools/Internet Options/Secuity>
Set all ActiveX Controls to "Prompt".
Set all Java Applets Controls to "Prompt".
Set all Scipting Controls to "Prompt".
If Prompt is not available try "Disable" or not.

At first it will seem to be a hassel, You will be clicking no,No,NO and F~N NO all the time! So, just use the "Return Key" instead... You'll get used to it in know time!
Rearly do you need this suff to do your everyday stuff on the net- When what you need to do wont work just "Refresh" and click "Yes" instead and relax...

This is the single safest thing you can do!
And the cool thing about doing this is, You will see how much your everyday on the Net activities are trying to CRAP UP your system!

To scan for spyware I have found these work best:

Use, SpyBot. Its FREE and it dose some interesting stuff:
Heres how, Start it up go to- "Mode" set to "Advanced" Now at the left bottom of the main window, Select "Tools"- and ckeck all. Now select "Settings" /Automation~ Program start~ Check-Immunize. /System start~ Check- Automatically run. /Web update~ Check- Search the web, Download updates. Now sellect "File Sets" Check All.

Now with SpyBot (allways active) you will be able to stop Sites from dumping lots-o-little SpyBots on your system! Now when you see a warning you will have to click "Yes" a thousand freakin times! Again, just use the Return Key.

Note: Dont scan with SpyBot all the time! This LUG is TOO SLOW! Just keep up on the "Immunizations" Then scan once in a while.

Use, Ad-Aware. Its FREE and works FAST!

Use, NoAdware. "WHAT"!!!

I loaded up a bunch of these add-removers and ran them in different orders to see which one found more stuff. AND YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHO WON? SUPRISE!!! (((NoAdware)))

NoAdware allways found more to clean and it cleans it! Your Popup problems are from some other virus you got! I dont have any of that going on here and this is my third NoAdware install!

Last but not least,
DownLoad a Registry Cleaner!
THEY ALL SUCK!!! They will F-UP your system RIGHT NOW!!! All but one and that one is:
Regseeker! Its free,
AND ITS BEAUTIFUL! I just Scan and Select-All and Delete. Purrrfect!

Run Regseeker after you clean add-ware and before you turn your system off to keep crap from reinstalliing and keep your Registry from being all fragged up! Infact you should run this when ever you remove something from your system.

Fire Wall and Virus in one and free for a short year!
Use "BlinK" Its Sophisticated! Nuff Said.

It is recommended that you dont turn your computer off after going on line without running your scans. It is good to clean your system before turning it off because a lot of these viruses install them selves upon startup.

If you dont feel like going through all the cleaning hassel right now just leave the computer on. Go to the Sys-Tray firewall Icon and sellect the "Stop all Internet activity" Option when leaving the system unattended. Meaning you can clean it when you want!

Finely, If you got all these PopUps and crap you cant stop NMW! Then I would just F-DISK, Its good to start over nice and clean once in a while :)

OK, All these little steps slow down your system and just makes everything a big complex hassel- BUT! Its funner to screw all those Basts who are trying to F-U-UP before the next guy dose!


Umm....You could follow this advice too;
---------(Cliped from a NoAdware Blog)----------
Be very selective in what you download, use store bought software when you can, do not accept Fwds and attachments from friends or family, they may have a Trojan and pass it on even without knowing

Never go to crack, pirate or porn sites, these are the most likely source of trouble, be aware of strange pop ups saying you need to download xyz so your computer will run faster, or some strange new plug-in to view a file.
Now some of this is just Impossible!

You should think of your computer as something you will have to fix now and then so set it up that way!

Here! I will give you this idea, it's the best thing you can do!
I have 2 Computers. One is new HotDog for gaming, PS and 3D!
The other One is a $100 worth of Comp that someone gave me! This One is my everyday Internet Pac-Girl!
It wasn't working so they were just going to through it away.
So when you have the feeling that this is going to happen for you, be standing in between them and the trash can.
Take it and first thing F-DISK the drives! This usually sovles it's problems. If thats not the problem then it's probably something in the hardware. If it dosn't turn on its probably the power supply. If theres power, take each individual part out and plug it in to the good Computer the same way, turn it on and see if it gets recognized. If all this works then it could be the Motherboard. CPU or Ram? If you know how to read the Bios, you could decipher this there. $50 will fix! Theres allways more to any story. In any case it'll be good for you to explore your system and learn how it works, Its really very easy.
Anyway If you just cant do this then get another cheap Computer..MAN!!!

Here is what I really wanted to get to, when installing the Operating System put it on a separate Drive/Partition and put all Programs,Documents and such on the other drives. So when the inevitable F-DISK time comes again things will be much easier on you!
Because I care (;
I didn't want to waist all this work.
You guys got any thoughts FTHOI?

I know it sounds a little A-Holish but you get it.


Jan 9, 2007
I would rate NoAdware, SpySweeper and Spyware Doctor as the most efficient spyware removal programs.


Oct 16, 2006
Thanks for you guy's opinions!

This could be some good info for me...

I think I tryed SSw before but it was probably long ago...
I will check it out and see how it dose. umm... I'll wait till I feel like spending $39.

BTW, What makes you think SSw works better?

I just read this;
>We have been recommending a combination of Spybot S&D and ad-aware. We have some new recommendations based on these tests. It is still a good idea to run multiple anti-spyware products, and both Spybot and ad-aware got very good ratings.<

Then they said this;
They now recommend -Spy Sweeper 48%, Windows Definder 63% & Spybot 33% -Combo... I'm not installing WD untill I know its good!
>Giant AntiSpyware< (REDMOND, Wash., Dec. 16, 2004 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that it has acquired GIANT Company Software Inc)

See, I hate reading these other sites test results, The stuff they find best usualy isn't for me... I dont know if MS has made it better lately, but I've used Windows Definder and it wasn't that good?


Dec 29, 2006
listen if that is what said the all I have to say is:


why do I say spysweeper is the best? I do software testing and in test where I would infect a PC with over 30 malware spysweeper was the only one to clean PC correctly with no false positives. others can't do that, both adaware and spybot together fail that test, nothing pickup everything except for spysweeper ;)

you have to keep a few things in mind:

1. freeware apps don't back their softwares cleaning abilities
2. freewares get recommended because they are free lot of times not because how good they are, if adaware and spybot were not free I promise you that you would have never heard of them ;)

3. most important, anybody that tells you that windows Defender at all have no idea what they are talking about, I challenge them to tell us what supposed test they have run and provide proof of the outcome, I would love to see how window's sorry ass Defender can beat spy sweeper, unless their test was a coin toss :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Oct 16, 2006
Hey, I agree! Thats why I say, I HATE reading these other sites ratings!

I was going to say that you should spread the news that Sweeper is best! But I see that you are!(;

I dont feel like explaining why SpyBot(set to active) is a good companion, I'll just say its different and free!

Free is good, IF ITS GOOD!

BTW, Whats going on with Adaware... Are they trying to eliminate the free version?

Thanks Bud!!!


Dec 29, 2006
I don't bother with adaware, its no good why bohter with it? so in short I don't know what is going on with it.

I do recommend spysweeper every chance I get but there are many others that are doing the same people just need to learn who to listen to and who not to.

good luck ;)