Numerous Suspicious Happenings but virus scan shows no results?


Sep 29, 2016
Hello there!

My my.. where do I begin.
So a fee months ago I think it was, I started getting privacy errors on Google Chrome. I could load youtube pages fine for the first 10-20 minutes but then after that whenever I tried loading the pages Chrome would chuck a privacy error at me. Something about a certificate I think. This continued on. Sometimes it would let me in for 20 or so minutes after a while, and sometimes I had to restart my computer. Happened on things like reddit too, though that usually fixed itself after 5 minutes.

On some sites like nexus mods, a Norton warning came up. Ignored it because I knew the site was safe but still.. why would it be showing me that.? Couple that with the fact that nexus mod manager sometimes refused to connect to the download site, and games like Mount & blade warband sometimes wouldn't let me connect to servers. (Stuck on validating serial number and then said it couldn't connect)

Again, sometimes it went away after a while. Sometimes I had to restart my computer.

Basically it feels like something keeps blocking connections to servers. Which would make sense too because the chrome error was that 'Hackers can steal data you enter, passwords etc'.

So that's been happening for a few months ago. 3 malwarebytes scans later and nothing wrong found.

A few days ago when I started up my computer things were going wrong. Things like steam and malwarebytes refused to open. AVG would open but wouldn't let me go to the antivirus section.
Task manager wouldn't let me check processes or anything else. Resource monitor wouldn't open. Nothing happened when I hovered over or clicked items in the start menu. I had to ctrl+alt+delete to shut down but even then it was shutting down for ages and I ended up just holding the power button in.
When I restarted it was better.

But now it's just happened again. Start menu was working this time but everything else was just... no...
Restarted and I have AVG running a deep virus scan. Coupled again with the fact that my h, g, and space keys are not working (has happened before and typically fixes itself after a while)

I really don't know what's going on.

Privacy errors, unable to connect to some things, forced to manually shut down because of broken start menu and unopening antivirus.
+ No results found on malwarebytes scans. I'll see what AVG turns up but eh..

I'm not typically the one to ask for help on such issues but if anyone knows what could be wrong or how to fix it, I would be very grateful.

Thanks a lot for reading
- Jack
Chrome has begin issuing more 'certificate errors' recently for all websites that are not encrypted, which, not all are, and, really don't need to be.