nv4_disp.dll BlueScreen running WinXP/GF3


May 14, 2003
Hi there ppl,

I've been having problems with my system popping up blue screens for reasons unknown to me. It normally - and quite probably, ONLY - happens when I'm running Direct3D games on my Windows XP / GeForce 3 machine. The error messages vary (sometimes a page fault in a none paged area error, sometimes an IRQ not less or equal error, sometimes no clear error message), but there's almost ALWAYS the remark that the error was quite probably caused by the nv4_disp.dll file.

So I made sure I installed all of the Windows updates (except SP1, 'cause strangely enough that one only seems to increase the error frequency), I installed the latest Detonator driver (43.45 at the time of this message; I ran Detonator Deleter before installing it) and I also installed the latest mainboard BIOS and drivers (I'm using an EliteGroup ECS K7S5A) and tweaked the BIOS settings (safe memory settings, no shadowing etc.). Guess what: absolutely no luck.

The strange thing is that quite a lot of Direct3D games and as far as I know ALL of the OpenGL games (and non-fullscreen OpenGL apps like 3ds max) DO work without problems, but a couple of the D3D titles keep throwing blue screens in my face (GTA 3 Vice City for example).

The problem seems well known but there are no real solutions to it (well, most of the other forums don't come up with a viable solution, but I might have more luck around here). So does anyone around here know about this type of error and do you have a solution for it? I'd be very greatful. Thanks in advance.


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The (relevant) specs:
- Athlon 1.4GHz,
- ECS K7S5A mainboard,
- 512MB DDR (2 x 256MB DIMM),
- Asus V8200 GeForce 3,
- Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Player,
- Hauppauge WinTV card,
- 3Com 3C905C-TX 100MBit,
- WinXP with all of the updates except SP1.
(- Some (probably) less relevant things: Philips ToUCam Pro, IBM 60GB HDD, Toshiba DVD drive, PlexWriter 24/10/40A IDE, Logitech MX700.)


Oct 2, 2001
<A HREF="http://members.home.nl/marf/Infinite Loop.html" target="_new">Maybe this will help lead to a fix</A>

GTA Twin city sight does say support for WinXP with SP1? Maybe you need it, I don’t know. hmm

It doesn’t sound like a heat problem or power supply, but if your temps are above 50C or if your PSU is under 300watts, then that could be a problem.

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