Nvidia Geforce 940mx vs Intel Graphics HD 530


Mar 9, 2017

So I am in the process of ordering a new laptop from hp, and I am customizing the specs.

One of the choices was between 2 processors. A 6th Gen Intel i7-6700HQ Quad Core with Intel HD Graphics 530 and a 7th Gen Intel i7-7500U Dual Core with Nvidia GeForce 940mx.

After advice from the Processor category, I decided to go with the 6th Gen quad core. But I'm worried about the graphics card. I know Intel HD Graphics are kind of low end. Also, I currently have an earlier model of the HD Graphics in my older laptop. I haven't really ran into problems with it I guess, until recently. Although, I noticed issues with high powered games.

I tried to compare online, and it's hard to find understandable info on the comparing of those two.

I plan on running programs like auto cad and revit (for light school use) and also music programs like fl studio, pro tools, etc. and playing games once in awhile like Diablo 3 and Sims 4. I'm not heavy into gaming anymore though.

By getting the more powerful quad core, am I sacrificing a lot of graphic power (not sure if that's the right terminology, lol)?

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you
If gaming is your priority then the 940m is much better than the hd graphics. I would choose the quad core if gaming is not a priority as the intel hd 530 can run diablo 3 in high settings and sims 4 in med settings.


Oct 25, 2014
The 940mx will be only slightly- moderately better performance depending on the vram, GDDR5 or GDDR3. If the quad core laptop has dual channel ram, the iGPU will be just a tad slower than the 940mx.