Feb 10, 2016
Hello everyone :D
i have some problem here about nvidia installer.
i have install my new nvidia graphic driver. everthing goes right after the end of the installing, it says that nvidia installer failed. at the begining when i start to install, i choose costum install and uncheck nvidia ge force experience (because i have problem with this application before so i dont want to install it) and i also uncheck 3D Vision Driver (because i see from other video on youtube that uncheck this item too so i follow it). and i also check to perform clean install. so at the end of the installation, it says that nvidia installer failed. and i see that the installer have installed my nvidia graphic driver. but i think its because i uncheck the nvidia ge force experience and 3D vision driver so the nvidia installer think i have failed perform an installation because i uncheck that two things before. is that okay? im worried that maybe i have done something wrong with this installation thing.

this is the picture that say nvidia installer failed but it have installed the graphic driver that i want.

this is the information about my computer

and my graphic card
1. Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000
2. Nvidia Ge Force 610 M

i just want to know if i have to reinstalling the nvidia driver and choose all the component so the nvidia installer says success on my installation or im just let it like that because i have already installed the graphic driver i want. thanks for your attention. hope anybody here can give some advice to me. :D

Please do try these troubleshooting steps that may help in solving the issue.
- Start by uninstalling the NVIDIA graphics driver from Device Manager.
- Then go to Programs and Features and uninstall anything related to NVIDIA.
- Once done download and install the latest graphics driver from NVIDIA.
- Here's the link:
- Just install everything that will come with that installer since you can just uninstall them after you've successfully installed everything.
- Reboot your laptop once the latest driver has been install then proceed with uninstalling those that you don't need.


Feb 10, 2016

thank you for your attention and your help laptopmaster. i really appreciate it.. :)
i have tried like what you say. and its run successfully
but then another problem appear
can u help me solve my problem?
i have laptop asus a43s i5- 2450M CPU @2.50 GHz with nvidia ge force 610M 2gb. A couple day before i have installed nvidia geforce experience. i open the aplication and optimazed my game with that. after that i try to open my game like pes 2013 and its just running for 3 minute and suddenly my lptop turn off. i tried over and over again but it still the same result that my laptop sddenly turn off again after game running about 3 minute or maybe less. i realize that it maybe because this aplication. so i try many way to solve this problem like update driver, remove nvidia ge force experience, and read any forum about this problem, but most of the forum said that it because overheating of my laptop. but i dont think so. because before i have installed nvidia ge force experience and before update the driver. i can play game like pes 2013, bioshock 2, the witcher 2 without problem like this.
so i hope for your help. maybe you can figure out what happen in my laptop and what can i do to solve it. please help me.. Im really desprate because of this problem. now i just can play game using intel graphic and it doesnt feel the same like nvidia.
Thanks man..sorry for long comment ... im counting on you.
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