Old laptop running extremely slow. Any upgrades I can make?


May 16, 2017
I have a dell studio 1558. I've had it a long time, at least 8 years. It has slowed down tremendously takes like an hour to startup and when it finally does I cant even get to google without waiting 100 years. Can I put new parts in it to make it like new again. I rather do this instead of spending $1000 on a new one, especially cause I'm saving for my gaming pc build. I've read I can upgrade the stock hdd to ssd and upgrade the ram and such. Please point me in the right direction to making this laptop like new again! Thanks in advance!
Even being that old, it shouldn't take so long to load. Have you checked to see what is starting up when the computer does? The more that is, the longer it will take.

In regard to the browser, you may want to clear out your history and cache. That can make it take longer and longer to load.

Lastly I would suggest doing some good deep virus and malware scans. All this should have a large impact.

And, yes, some parts can be upgraded, some really can't. However if the computer is full of stuff that is hogging up the system (mentioned above) changing components won't help much until it is cleaned up.