On start up, screen goes black on Dell Inspiron 1525


Sep 9, 2014
This post is regarding my Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop, vista home premium, 32bit. Computer was running fine then the screen suddenly went black. I read in a couple forums that the computer may have been hot, and to turn it off for a while. Since I Couldn't shut it down properly, and control, alt, delete didn't work, I had to just press the power button until computer turned off. When I restarted, everything was fine for a few weeks. This morning, the screen went black again, I restarted the computer, saw the DELL logo for a split second, then screen went black. Every restart the same thing happens. I have read about checking for a display using an external monitor, and sorry to be so clueless, but would that be using an HDMI cable from my laptop to my HDTV? If I do this, will the connection to the tv ask me to do anything with my laptop, which I can't do, since the screen is black.
The laptop is 5 years old, I've been reading about this subject in other forums, about inverters or getting a new screen, would that even make sense?