OnePlus 6T vs. Pixel 3: Why OnePlus Beats Google at Android


Jan 13, 2017
Agreed. The 6T should be compared to the Pixel 3 XL based on the screen size. If that were the case, the price disparity between the two would be even greater.


Jul 7, 2018
>>In fact, it makes the Pixel 3's rear-mounted fingerprint sensor feel antiquated.<< Really? from the picture it looks like it takes 2 hands to activate the sensor. Not so with Google's wonderful rear fingerprint sensor. Also, you can't have the cute little notch with dual front-facing cameras and front-facing stereo speakers. I would opt fro more function. The lack of wireless battery charging should tilt the battery category toward the Google 3, since they are close otherwise. In real-world use, is there any discernible difference in performance between the 2 phones, regardless of how much RAM they have? In several categories that difference is price is considered, even though there is a separate category for Value and Availability. For me the camera is the most valuable feature in the phone, and the price difference is well justified based on the camera capabilities of the Google 3.


Apr 5, 2017
@bobdupuu I agree that attacking the rear fingerprint sensor on the back was dumb because the in screen fingerprint reader is new tech and is slower than traditional finger print readers. However 4gb of extra ram is huge for the longevity of the phone; apps will take up more and more memory as the years go by. The screen category should of went to OnePlus because it's bigger and brighter, ppi is almost useless when it's that close. No one stares at there phone from 2 inches away. OnePlus has a good camera, pixel has the best camera. Pixel is awful at video because of the mic. You can't go wrong buying either phone, however OnePlus did a awesome job this year with their phone and I would say wins this time. It's a win win for everyone because it means Google will try harder and make a better phone next year!!