Question Onkyo & Bluetooth Adapter

Jul 23, 2019

Need some help.
I have an old Onkyo HT-S7200 receiver............... Amazon Link

My goal is to get my Bluetooth headphones working with this receiver (Airpods and Bose Q35 are my 2 options)

I was told it would work with this Taotronics unit.......... Amazon Link
I purchased this and the instructions are terrible and I cannot for the life of me get it to work.
Can anyone help me in getting this to work??

My other question is I'm also trying to find a new receiver (5.2, 5 HDMI) that works with Bluetooth headphones and send audio out to paired Bluetooth headphones.
This has been very hard to find. I don't care what brand it is TBH but its been surprising to see that most receivers don't support this. I wonder why.

Thanks for any help possible.


Jul 23, 2019

Set it to transmit from the headphone jack of the receiver, put it in pair mode, then put the headphones in pair mode. Hope they see each other since there is no display to see what is connecting to what on either of them.

To find a receiver with build in bluetooth, a simple web search will work, found this one in about 30 seconds

Thank you for the info!!!

Regarding the receiver with built-in Bluetooth maybe I did no explain myself better.
There are hundreds with built-in Bluetooth receiving but I cannot for the life of me find any with Bluetooth that transmits directly to connect Bluetooth headphones.

This one linked does not have this according to amazon Q&A:
Can this OUTPUT Bluetooth as well? for example, to stream tv audio to Bluetooth headphones
Answer: No. Bluetooth is "receive" only. You'll need to purchase a 3rd party Bluetooth transmitter to "transmit."
For more helpful information on this model -->
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