Opinion: 5 Reasons Why Firefox is Losing to Chrome

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Jul 14, 2010
I've got to agree with some of the comments here. Why is Chrome gaining? Well, I'll tell you from personal experience, I see customer machines with Chrome on that the end user has no idea about - "What is that? How did it get there?" The answer being something like, "Well, you installed Flash and didn't uncheck that little check box." They may "have marketshare" that way, but they don't have USERS.

As far as:
"The silent update has been delayed and will not be ready until version 10 or later. Chrome migration could be delayed until version 11. The Home Tab is in the same time frame. These are all critical features that Firefox needed yesterday – not tomorrow"

I've got to say, to me, those are roughly as critical as having an option of chartreuse or paisley for the Firefox menu button.

I was using Chrome as my primary browser for... oh, about a year and a half. Still have it on. The one thing I wish FF would be able to implement is the multi-machine sync - Chrome, I log in with my Gmail account and other machines sync. Same apps, same bookmarks, etc. Firefox - unless this has changed - has a multi-step "Get code, type code into other machine" process which doesn't really help me if I'm not at the first machine.

On the plus side, FF behaves better for me. I use Logmein for remote access. Chrome insisted on asking permission *every* *single* *time* - it's a known issue. FF? Just works. Some of Chrome's apps behave oddly (such as hiding controls behind the Windows task bar and not resizing) - Firefox just works. And Firefox has a larger library of mature, working apps and addons.

So, I'm back to firefox.



Google pays 85% of Mozilla's total revenues.


Dec 6, 2008
[citation][nom]sasha the bold[/nom]Honestly, there's exactly one reason why I can't see myself switching to Firefox right now:No zoom.I sit three feet away from my monitor, and it's set to a high resolution. If I don't want to use a magnifying glass while reading text on the web, I need a zoom. In IE I can set a permanent 150% zoom, and in Chrome it's 144%, but I could never find an ability to zoom in Firefox, so I abandoned it.I guess I'm just a one-issue voter. =)[/citation]
Ctrl + "+" & Ctrl + "-"
or just
Ctrl + mouse scroll wheel


I use Firefox nightly. It does not crash on me(not nightly ux). I stick on FF because:

1. history sync
2. tab sync
3. tab groups
4. easy to change search engine
5. GPU performance

what makes me stick on FF is
1. FF has already introduced add-on sync
2. and add-on default compatible.

what I expected on FF in the future is
1. SPDY(works more good on Google services)
2. more app support
3. DNS prefetch


Nov 23, 2008
[citation][nom]mitch074[/nom]@sacha: Firefox was actually the first browset to provide a zooming interface: Ctrl+, Ctrl-, and Ctrl 0; zoom in, zoom out, and reset to 100%. [/citation]

You are VERY wrong. Full page zoom didn't come to ff until version 3. Opera is the first browser for many MANY years. Otherwise, all other browsers had font size + / -, which did nothing for some sites and of couse nothing for image or layouts.

Many of the features YOU and many people see and use today, have been on OPERA for 5~10 years... this includes TAB browsing.

ff4.x is nothing but a cheap Opera Clone. its tab management pales to Opera. Try Tab Grouping, its a god-send.

[citation][nom]AMD X6850[/nom]I have a fairly low end laptop (basically netbook in terms of specs, just larger) with only 2GB RAM.I have something like 10-15 tabs open at a time. I never shut this laptop down, just put it to sleep.So for entire weeks, Firefox is pretty much running "non-stop".[/citation]
Opera retains your tabs very well, even if you have multiple windows or tabs and you close the wrong one - you can pull it out of the "Trash".

Powering up my desktop means loading up 15~20 tabs by default. And I group 3~5 tabs (into a single one) based on type or project. Super handy.


I think that chrome "sucks" as they say. IE is of course worse, and microsoft always demands that one uses IE to get windows updates..what a rip--wll Google do the same with chrome?

Philippe Pascal

Sep 20, 2013
I seen countless add-ons devs stopping their work...simply because Mozilla don't care about them. A shame, because they even solve FF bugs and lacks.
The biggest value of FF, add-ons, are not treated the right way.

I don't speak about bugs, memory hog and more.

Firefox is down because Mozilla is making bad decisions for years.
And it is not going to stop, till they are completely down.
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