Question Oppo Reno 10x Zoom vs S20+

Jul 29, 2020
So I live in Australia. The Oppo Reno 5G is currently $600AUD. The S20+ 5G is currently $1200 in the Samsung Education store (with the possibility of going down to $1050 if the 35% sales happen again like they usually do. Keep in mind the Australian model S20+ doesn't support mmwave so their 5g capabilities are the same. Keep in mind budget is a factor for me.

Cameras are very important to me and they seem to be of similar quality, maybe better on the Reno given the true optical zoom of 5x is stronger than tthe S20's 1.07x (true optical not hybrid optical).
Given it seems the downgraded chip of Exynos 990 seems like it could actually be comparable to the SD 855, I'm just wondering whether you think the S20's features are worth the price difference.

From what I can tell the main draws of the S20+ would be:

  • 120hz refresh rate
  • Waterproofing
  • Quicker updates
  • An extra year of software support?
  • UFS 3.0
  • Supposedly better OS (ColorOS is getting good tho and maybe the Oppo can be fixed with a launcher?)
  • A brighter HDR10+ screen (not sure if ill notice this on a phone)
  • Extra 4GB of RAM (12GB - probably overkill tho)

However these do come at the cost of 128GB of storage and flash on the selfie camera.

For me the lack of 120hz refresh on the Oppo is the main factor making the decision hard. Do you think these advantages on the S20+ have a real world difference and are they worth an extra $450-600?
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